Tracey Stapp & Karen Dennis
Sponsor: Whakatane Beacon
Teacher: Samantha Barr
Style: Contemporary

What have you enjoyed about the Edge Realty Dancing with the Stars journey to date?

Tracey: Being brave enough to audition and making it in! Dancing again (although my body doesn’t appear to be enjoying it as much as my mind). Meeting new people. The experience of stepping outside of my comfort which is proving challenging as I have to confront beliefs about myself that have held me back in life.
Karen: The banter between the dancers is fantastic, everyone seems to be having a blast and getting stuck into their dance routines.  Also enjoying the barr class I now do on Saturday mornings to help with technique and strengthening.

What have you found difficult?

Tracey: Learning strange feeling dance movement. The body just does not want to move in the way Sam shows us most of the time!
Karen: Knowing what to say when people ask to you to do a demonstration on the spot.  They don’t realise I need to take my shoes off and warm up first!

Any injuries or challenges faced to date?

Tracey: No new ones, only old impact injuries getting aggravated. I just have to watch what I do.
Karen:  No injuries so far, starting to learn more moves that are challenging muscle groups I didn’t know I had.

Tell me about your dance style, partner and how training has been going?

Tracey: Our dance style (contemporary) is very graceful, the way that Sam dances the moves. Karen is awesome! She is little Miss Cool, Calm and Collected. She’s taking all this in her stride so is a good partner for me. We have had four training sessions to date and making good progress.
Karen: Our dance style  incorporates aspects of ballet and many other styles of dance.  It is a completely new way of dancing for me and it’s been a lot of fun learning how to link everything together.  Samantha is fantastic and very caring, making sure we are being challenged without breaking us. Tracey and I are working really well together and we’re are quickly figuring out our roles as dance partners.

How are you feeling about the big event?

Tracey: I feel a mix of emotions. Excited. Afraid. Anxious. My greatest fear is that I will forget parts of the sequence when in front of everyone. I look forward to proving to myself I can do this – and do it well!!!
Karen: I’m excited for the big event, but not really thinking about it too much at the moment, for the meantime I am focusing on learning the choreography.