Sponsor: Ocean Ford Whakatane
Teacher: Sam McLeod
Style: Musical Theatre

 1. What have you enjoyed about the ‘Edge Realty Dancing With The Stars’ journey to date?
Marc: Learning new ‘techniques’ to dancing has been fun so far. It helps that no one is too serious. There is a lot of fine tuning to some movements requiring finesse. It helps to be able to laugh at yourself sometimes. Apparently what I was doing before wasn’t really dancing.
Bridget: Marc Camburn, Dallas Hands, Kat Coyle and of course Sam McLeod (Dance Choreographer extraordinaire). These people are inspirational and it is a pleasure to be in their presence. 

2. What have you found difficult?
Marc: I like being able to get things right, but learning something that people train for years to do (in a couple of months) is pretty difficult.
Bridget: Combating the nervousness and looking at myself in the HUGE mirrors at STEPS Dance Studio.

3. Any injuries or challenges faced to date?
Marc: There haven’t been any injuries but every Sunday session is challenging. Also, balancing home life and Dance commitments can be tough. Lucky I have an understanding wife and children.
Bridget: Quite the opposite. Sam’s stretchy classes on a Sunday are fantastic. I have found a new flexibility and balance (kinda), that I didn’t have before. Except those unexpected stretches you accidentally do when finding kiwi in the wilderness. 

4. Tell me about your dance style, partner and how training has been going?
Marc: We are learning Jazz, although more specifically Musical Theatre which appears to be telling a story through dance. Training has so far been a lot of fun and Bridget and Sam (our Dance teacher) each have a good sense of humour.
Bridget: I must admit I felt a bit intimidated by Marc’s line-up of career achievements. I mean; an ex National Rugby Sevens player, with a Navy background and a High School PE teacher! So he is fit, strong, fast, has discipline and can handle teenagers! So I initially thought, “what on earth have I got myself into?” Reality is, although, yes Marc is naturally competitive and gets frustrated with himself if he gets his pirouettes wrong, but this sense of humour and military moves gets him through, lol. 

5. How are you feeling about the big event?
Marc: As it grows nearer I am looking more and more forward to it although I must say with nervous anticipation.
Bridget: It’s getting way too close!

6. Any other comments, funny stories, things you’d like to share?
Marc: This is not normally something I would do but I am really enjoying all the hype particularly between some of the more competitive couples. The banter between them has had me checking my messages more regularly than usual.
Bridget: I had the pleasure of taking Marc, Freya (& the kids), John & Sam, Shaun and my hubby Craig on a night walk to the Kiwi Tracker Whare (Education Shelter). It was an exciting night, with both a male and female kiwi running towards us and calling very close and plenty of insects and geckos for us all to see. It was a great opportunity for us all to have a laugh and get to know each other. Best of all was Sam’s question: “Do you think nature likes to shelter in here?” referring to the whare. Sam is a true star!