Max Goodmen & Holly Waghorn
Sponsor: Willetts Funeral services
Teacher: Susan Nel

  1. What have you enjoyed about the DWTS journey to date?

Holly: I’ve enjoyed getting out of my comfort zone and trying something completely new! I always like to be doing something different. Also, meeting all the other contestants has been so much fun! Everyone has the same sort of attitude going into this, so we are all getting along really well!
Max: For me, I have enjoyed getting out of my comfort zone. I have learnt a new skill and it’s been something amazing to talk about for years to come. Plus I couldn’t have asked for a better partner to dance with or a better teacher than Susan.


  1. What have you found difficult?

Holly: The only thing I have really found difficult is working through pulled and tight muscles. That restricts you from doing quite a bit in Lyrical Ballet!
Max: Mostly learning a new style of movement and becoming comfortable with myself doing dance as well.


  1. Any injuries or challenges faced to date?

Holly: A few minor injuries here and there, but nothing life threatening.
Max: Trying not to get hurt by Holly has been the biggest challenge of them all.


  1. Tell me about your dance style, partner and how training has been going?

Holly: Our dance style is Lyrical Ballet. A very emotional and close dance. It’s been a heap of fun to learn and also very challenging at times. Max, my partner, has been amazing to work with! We clicked right from the beginning, so lessons have been super easy with so much laughing, something our poor teach Susan has had to put up with every week haha.
Max: We are dancing to Lyrical Ballet, something I have never seen before until now. I am personally loving it, I think it tells a fantastic story and is super emotional. Holly has been so much fun to train with, she is always bringing a smile to the room. Susan has been incredible to work with as well. She is dealing with two people who laugh too much and at times might not be as serious as we should. I think we are well on our way to impress.


  1. How are you feeling about the big event?

Holly: I am so excited for the night of the event! I can’t wait to see everyone all dressed up and doing their thing! So much work and dedication has gone into this from everyone and I’m sure it will show on the night!
Max: Excited.


  1. Any other comments, funny stories, things you’d like to share?

Holly: Max dropped me!!
Max: Over the course of the trainings I have been smacked in the face and many other places but I think it’s Holly’s was of shutting me up. It has been so much fun!