Katt Coyle & Dallas Hands
Sponsor: Glassman & Locksmith
Teacher: Sam McLeod

      1. What have you enjoyed about the DWTS journey to date?

      Dallas: Finding all the interesting angles I never knew my body could do
      Katt: Belonging to a group of local people, all on a mission to raise funds for a awesome charity that supports our youth in New Zealand ….priceless !!!

      2. What have you found difficult?

      Dallas: Co-ordinating my 2 left feet
      Katt: Ummmm , finding time for practice , my free time is pretty limited , I have been challenged by Sam awesome McLeod and what he wants from us…..the perfect coach for me !!!

      3. Any injuries or challenges faced to date?

      Dallas: No Injuries to date, have started Pilates with Katt to try and get more flexible
      Katt: No injuries whew!!

      4. Tell me about your dance style, partner and how training has been going?

      Dallas: 1920’s- which is a different style of dance I have never seen before. My dance partner is Katt and her and our dance teacher Sam are very patient people with me. Katt is already a contortionist so she has got me into Pilates and we have amped training up to 2 nights a week as I need more training.
      Katt: Dance style FOSSIE , angular and awkward , Dallas and I are thrown in the deep end , however we will give this dance our very very best, it will look amazing !!!

      5. How are you feeling about the big event?

      Dallas: Sweet As!! BRING IT ON
      Katt: I am feeling pumped about the privilege of being asked to participant in this event, I am going to give it everything I have!!!

      6. Any other comments, funny stories, things you’d like to share?

      Dallas: I have had a bit a flack from my peers in the Fire Service and the guys at work but it’s all been in good fun.  I will have to remember to dance like no one is watching (hopefully nobody does hahaha)